ASC Waiheke is run by Autists for Autists. We are part of the Autistic Collaboration community that welcomes all individuals who identify as Autistic.


Members get together on a regular and irregular basis in a relaxing and Autistic friendly environment to:

offer mutual support regarding the challenge of living in a neurotypical world;

share insights and experiences regarding education, work, and employment;

establish connections with others who share related special interests;

collaborate and jointly undertake activities on our beautiful island,

without any pressure to make small talk or conform to neurotypical expectations.

The time has come to celebrate human neurodiversity and to liberate autism from the pathology paradigm. Advice on teaching about neurodiversity from Nick Walker:

To hell with “balance”

The instructor must be Autistic

The instructor must be a participant in Autistic culture, community, and resistance

Autistic voices must be central

Truth is where it is

The instructor must model the accommodation of neurodivergence

The instructor must model and invite the embodied expression of neurodivergence